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Noted: An advertising agency has come up with a campaign to promote a forthcoming food festival – Telegraph

Posted in Branding, Design, Experimental, Noted by ayanaairakan on 2009/09/27

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An advertising agency has come up with a campaign to promote a forthcoming food festival – Telegraph

I became aware of this article via two folks on Twitter: Jordie Welles and chetan. A truly interesting graphic approach to advertising.

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Noted: Eggs and Sausage by Jackie Lay

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Sharing a great find from the mehallo blog. Big thanks to Steve Mehallo

Eggs and Sausage by Jackie Lay

Expressive Sentence Exercise Was A Great Success

Posted in Design, LinkedIn, Process, Student Work, Teaching by ayanaairakan on 2009/09/23

The MMSP 125 students assembled in teams of 2-4 and had to typographically design/illustrate their given sentence. Part of this exercise required the students to collaborate and reach a consensus on the design and design parameters. The concepts that evolved were quite good. The students shared that the collaborative process went smooth in some instances, and not so smooth in others. The other challenge was that the exercise had to be executed by hand. The students did not have to present a slick design, just a clear rendering of the concept.

Nice work all around.

Noted: MIT’s Next Lab Course/Project

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I inadvertently stumbled upon MIT’s Next Lab project’s web site as I was trying to correct an incorrect link a friend sent. What an interesting project. Their mission partly states: “. . . believing that the global dissemination of knowledge will rapidly bring well-being to those who need it most. . .The Next Lab project challenges MIT students to address some of the most pressing problems in the developing world through mobile technologies . . . economic empowerment, health, civic engagement, and education.”


Noted: The Details That Matter

Posted in Design, Noted, Process by ayanaairakan on 2009/09/15

by Kevin Potts

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, the graphic arts industry was populated by full-time illustrators, production assistants and compositors. With only composing sticks for laying out type, straight edges for defining grids, a human proofer to catch spelling mistakes and an arsenal of X-acto blades for making edits, these guys lived and breathed detail. Mistakes were costly. It was a trade position that required lengthy apprenticeship; job security depended on getting all of the little things right.

While many of the tactile skills needed for our new generation of PC-based web design and development are radically different, a critical eye for detail is as relevant as ever. In fact, because of the lower cost of entry and increasing commoditization of design, that eye for detail is not only necessary for staying afloat in the profession, but a requirement for success.”

What does the above highlighted statement mean, and why is it important for today’s upcoming designers and veterans?

Full Article: A List Apart: Articles: The Details That Matter

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