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Tom’s Of Maine Changes Their Brand Also | Filed Under #disappointing.

Posted in Branding, Commentary, Design, Design Matters, LinkedIn by ayanaairakan on 2010/10/10

So about a month or so before all this hoopla about GAP changing is classic, modern brand to, what I consider a mundane, nondescript one, I needed to buy toothpaste. Off I went to Trader Joe’s to purchase my Tom’s of Maine Natural Antiplaque & Whitening Gel. To my surprise and chagrin, I noticed that they had changed THEIR BRAND!

I buy the spearmint flavored paste and felt the leaves illustration at the head of the container visually conveyed what flavor I was purchasing. The new package has no illustration and is using a color palette purple, dull green, aquamarine blue, and blue (I think) used as the logo, which doesn’t visually relate at all the the product.The only element that may visually relate is the flavor name that is written in this horrible font. What were they thinking?

In addition, the logo has been redesigned in a way that has no connection what-so-ever to Tom’s of Maine’s long-standing brand. The typography is weak, and as a consumer, I have no idea what they are attempting to convey as their brand with this new design. I wonder if they crowdsourced this redesign.

Love to know your thoughts.

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  1. Michele said, on 2010/10/10 at 01:50

    this just as bad or perhaps even worst than the “Gaps” redesign of its brand. Okay I know we need to live with this before we reject the new but what happens when the new doesn’t even look updated. UGH

  2. Saki Mafundikwa said, on 2010/10/10 at 07:19

    Eeeek, Spearmint’s my favorite too! Good thing there’s no Tom’s here in Zimbabwe so it’s not going to piss me off too much, but aaaaaarrgh!!!

  3. ayanabaltrip said, on 2010/10/11 at 16:25

    Michele and Saki, Thanks for your perspectives. It seems that these two companies opted for the mundane. I don’t get it. In both these cases, I ask: Where’s the strategic plan? What was the process?

    I’m going to share Graham Smith’s (of I’mJustCreative) thoughts on the GAP logo redesign. His thoughts are reflective.

    • Cathy Packler said, on 2010/11/15 at 12:13

      Looks like good design is being pissed out the window. Is our world becoming less aesthetic now due to crowdsourcing? How pathetic! What does the future hold for the true-blood graphic designers?

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  5. Anita said, on 2010/10/13 at 17:06

    Hi Ayana,
    It seems the ToM logo designers removed the wrong things for simplicity’s sake without ‘thoughtful reduction.’ (See John Maeda’s “The Laws of Simplicity” http://lawsofsimplicity.com/?p=50). It’s also tempting to stylize designs using current trends. Striving for timelessness is a challenge.

  6. ayanabaltrip said, on 2010/10/13 at 17:25

    Thanks Anita. Good perspective. Thanks also for the link to John Maeda’s The Laws of Simplicity. It’s a great resource.

  7. Cathy Packler said, on 2010/10/14 at 22:16

    The top one looks generic and has less charm than the one below, the original design.

  8. james hildreth said, on 2011/08/22 at 09:00

    It is so annoying that they have to mess with something as simple as toothepaste. The new mouthwash is sweet like soda, its revolting. Plus they raised the price substantially. Colgate is killing this brand. They must think we’re morons. Well, in that repect, they’re right.

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