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Cross Promoting v. Cross Posting Social Media Posts

Posted in Business, Social Media by ayanaairakan on 2016/01/15


I was excited to find this article via the Elegant Themes Blog, 5 Ways to Cross Promote Social Media Posts. Here is the article link: http://goo.gl/OBT5JR. It discusses the value of cross promoting posts as opposed to cross posting. Cross promoting gives more value to your posts.

Learn the difference between “cross promote” and “cross post” for social media posts. I’ll be talking about this in my Social Media for Professionals class at City College of San Francisco starting this coming Thursday, 1/21/16, 12:00-2:00 PM. Go here and scroll down to VMD 191 for the course description http://goo.gl/3vfo3g. Enrollment is open! Sign up here: http://goo.gl/32194o. The course number is VMD 191.

The course overview states: “This course teaches students how to use online social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to develop, integrate and leverage online social networks. Students learn how to set up a professional media campaign as they engage clients with these tools. Students also critique current social media practices.”

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  1. thebrightseed said, on 2016/02/19 at 07:45

    I heard your interview on revision path – very nice. I’m a supporter of RP. I’m not a designer. I’m a volunteer for a very small nonprofit (americanrenascent.wordpress.com). I maintain their pages. Nothing special,very simple. I wish you and Revisionpath much success. – JWG

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