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Stefan Sagmeister streams his office live 24/7 on his site

Posted in Business, Design, Design Matters by ayanaairakan on 2010/12/13

I wouldn’t expect anything less creative from such a eclectic designer.

Read full article here: Imprint-The Online Community for Graphic Designers | Live From New York, It’s. . ..

Winter 2010 Postcard Arrived

Posted in Branding, Business, Design by ayanaairakan on 2010/11/19

My Winter 2010 promotional postcard has arrived. Time to get the Winter 2010 campaign in gear.

David Carson on design + discovery

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As I move into another semester of teaching design students, I am continuing to chronicle here design resources and sources of inspiration to share with them and expand my arsenal of great resources. In my research, I have logged a myriad of great Ted Talks given on the subjects of design and creativity.

I’m starting off my new quest in this vain with a 2003 Ted Talk by David Carson on design and discovery, What I like about Carson is the fact that he came into graphic design from a background in sociology and secondary education. (I taught high school government.) For me, having come to the design field without following the traditional training route gave him a clean slate with which to approach his work.

In this talk, he shares his process of discovery and its relationship to design. I will continue to feature talks by great designers as time goes on.


Noted: swissmiss | CreativeMornings Video: Michael Bierut on Clients

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via swiss-miss.com

I became aware of this talk by Michael Bierut of Pentagram’s NYC office per a blog post by Max Kiesler via a reference to him by Emily Chang (his wife). Michael Bierut is truly a design icon of whom I have been a huge fan for over twenty years. His insights shared here are well noted.