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Learning to Design a Cherokee Syllabary with Mark Jamra

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I just caught this very interesting talk on TypeCulture’s Facebook page on designing an indigenous American syllabary via the Cherokee language whose written language is almost 200 years old. Fascinated as my mother’s maternal grandfather was Cherokee.

I love looking at writing systems outside of the Western cultures. For this talk, Mark Jamra references the book The Cherokee Syllabary: Writing the People’s Perseverance by Ellen Cushman.

Also check out Afrikan Alphabets, The Story of Writing in Afrika by Mwalimu Saki Mafundikwa.

Check out TypeCulture on Facebook here: https://goo.gl/fISww4

Image: Courtesy Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherokee_language

Video runtime: 59:42

Nice Talk by Khoi Vinh at TYPOSF 2012

Posted in Design, Design Events, Design Matters, Typography by ayanaairakan on 2012/04/07

My MM Content + Form students and I were lucky enough to catch the 5 April 2012 livestream of Khoi Vinh’s talk at TYPOSF 2012.

He shared some valuable insight into the business of design and where it stands today. Quite interesting. Below are some captured “slides: of his talk. (Please note, they’re in the order I  best remember.)

Thanking Fontshop for making this possible.

Designing for Mobile Devices (via AIGASF)

Posted in Design, Design Education, Design Events, LinkedIn, New Media | Multimedia, Process, Teaching by ayanaairakan on 2011/10/26
Great presentation by the SF Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Artists last week. The demand for design for mobile platforms is growing at a lightening speed. There is a great need for those of us teaching in Multimedia Studies programs to advocate for the inclusion of these technologies in our curriculums.

Interview with Veronica Belmont

Posted in Design Events by ayanaairakan on 2009/05/22

Shared from: Web 2.0 Expo blog

WordPress WordCamp SF

Posted in Design Events by ayanaairakan on 2009/05/21

“WordCamp San Francisco is a conference organized by the creators of WordPress for our users and developers. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. The event is open to WordPress.com & WordPress.org users alike.”


AIGA D.Talks

Posted in Design Events by ayanaairakan on 2009/04/28

In 2009 AIGA San Francisco will launch a series of discussions on the business of design called “D.Talks.” Throughout the year the seminars will present practical information about current trends in the design profession as well as enable a more robust dialogue within our community.

Get practical advice on how to re-invent yourself, your industry, and your career to make it in the new economy.

Moderated by former AIGA SF vice president and design strategist Josh Levine, the discussion will include a panel of design professionals and employment industry experts who will examine the new economy and explore the best strategies to find the work you want in difficult times.

Light refreshments will also be served before the seminar. RSVP today and check out the topics to be presented throughout 2009.

AIGA San Francisco-130 Sutter Street, Suite 600-San Francisco, California 94104-(415) 626-6008

D.Talks: Interactive Interaction | Thursday/16 July 2009/6:30-8:30 p.m

Objectified Screenings | 24-28 June 2009

Posted in Design Events by ayanaairakan on 2009/04/28

Objectified | Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Source: www.ybca.org is about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and the people who design them. It’s a look at the creativity at work behind everything from toothbrushes to tech gadgets. It’s about the designers who re-evaluate and re-invent our manufactured environment on a daily basis. … http://bit.ly/T5r6