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Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes – The Joy of Stats – BBC Four

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This is an incredible talk by Hans Rosling illustrating statistical data on the increase of the human lifespan from 1810 forward. Enjoy. (A teaching colleague, Marcia Beales brought this to my attention.)

What Visual Designers Can Learn From Biggie Smalls | from the design mind blog

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I found this post by Andreas Markdalen (twitter.com/youthprojects) on Frog Design’s The Visual Design Dept. blog on design mind quite interesting. Here he discusses how design and design thinking can benefit from Chris Wallace’s (aka Biggie Smalls) creative process in constructing his raps.

In his post, Markdalen outlines five areas that designers can use to create a five-prong strategic process. They are:

-Create “A Central Theme”
-Create “A World of Context”
-Rehearse and Repeat
-“The Non-linear and Organic Process”
-“The House of Cards”

You can read the full article via the link below. What are your thoughts?

What Visual Designers Can Learn From Biggie Smalls | Blog | design mind.

Designing for Mobile Devices (via AIGASF)

Posted in Design, Design Education, Design Events, LinkedIn, New Media | Multimedia, Process, Teaching by ayanaairakan on 2011/10/26
Great presentation by the SF Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Artists last week. The demand for design for mobile platforms is growing at a lightening speed. There is a great need for those of us teaching in Multimedia Studies programs to advocate for the inclusion of these technologies in our curriculums.

Nice pre-#w2e talk with Maria Giudice (@mgiudice) and Kaitlin Pike (@kcpike), sharing an overview of Maria’s 3/29 Web 2.0 Expo session.

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It’s my second day at the Web 2.0 Expo here is San Francisco, and while on break, I listened to a pre-Web 2.0 Expo interview by Web 2.0’s K. C. Pike of Hot Studio’s CEO and founder, Maria Giudice who is talking about her Web 2.0 Expo session called: Don’t Go It Alone: Using Collaboration to Solve Creative Design Problems. Her session will focus on building a creative culture in your organization.

Some gems from her insight:
Be a good listener and facilitator.
Build fun into your organization and a bit of spontaneity.
Treat everyone as a contributor
Make sure your company is iterating and evolving on a regular basis and that your employees are part of that evolution.
You want to turn your naysayers into your strongest advocates.

You can catch the full interview here: http://bit.ly/h6RlYG

La Mission

Posted in Art, Design, LinkedIn, New Media | Multimedia, Video by ayanaairakan on 2009/11/10

I had the great pleasure of seeing Peter and Benjamin Bratt’s latest movie and collaboration, La Mission this past Saturday, 7 November 2009 at the American Indian Film Festival (See link at the end of this post). I highly recommend that you see this film wherever it is playing. The film actually premiered at this year’s San Francisco International Film Festival in April, and continues to run the film festival circuit. It really needs to get shown in the mainstream theaters; so let’s see if we can make this happen.

I found myself wondering if I connected with the film so much because I lived many aspects covered in the film-La Mission, la cultura, and if that’s the case, how would those who didn’t be able to relate.

My answer: it’s a universal story in many respects. Everyone, if they connect with their human/humane side can find something in this film with which to connect. Peter Bratt is brilliant at drawing his characters in such a sympathetic yet truly human manner. Nobody’s perfect, yet even the flaws in his characters are drawn beautifully.

See the film. Buy the DVD when it comes out, buy the soundtrack when it comes out, buy the t-shirt now, and call Oprah and insist she have the Bratt brothers on her show to discuss the film. Call Ellen Degeneres,  George Lopez, and Jay Leno, and insist the same.

Because my blog is primarily about design, I have elected to briefly discuss the poster shown below and comment on the artwork done on the “lowriders/cruisers” featured in the film as well:

The poster, designed by Florencia Garcia, has a graphically strong visual hierarchy, bringing the viewer in from top center by an up close shot of the lead charachter, Che Rivera, played by Benjamin Bratt decorated in his “life medals.” We then are guided down the poster by Che’s downward position of his head and eyes to the film title, rendered beautifully and appropriately (to the subject matter), and a beautiful photo illustration of one of the “lowriders/cruisers.” The artwork on the “cruisers” is riveting. Both the poster and car artwork represent so realistically “The Mission” District here in San Francisco while paying homage to the multitude of incredible artists that came from this neighborhood. The murals are also well represented in the film. Here’s the poster and a short video from this year’s 52nd SF International Film Festival with the film’s renowned cinematographer, Hiro Narita talking briefly about the film. Also, artists Mike McArdle and Jesse Campillo, who did the artwork on many of the “lowriders” seen in the film share their part in creating these incredible masterpieces.


La Mission: http://bit.ly/2Xrl5l
American Indian Film Festival: http://www.aifisf.com/ 6-14 November 2009, San Francisco, CA

Noted: MIT’s Next Lab Course/Project

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I inadvertently stumbled upon MIT’s Next Lab project’s web site as I was trying to correct an incorrect link a friend sent. What an interesting project. Their mission partly states: “. . . believing that the global dissemination of knowledge will rapidly bring well-being to those who need it most. . .The Next Lab project challenges MIT students to address some of the most pressing problems in the developing world through mobile technologies . . . economic empowerment, health, civic engagement, and education.”


Define New Media

Posted in Define, New Media | Multimedia by ayanaairakan on 2008/12/24

Since I’m starting on this venture of exploring new media, especially design for new media, I would like to pose the questions: What is New Media? How does graphic design fit into the scheme of new media projects?