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Woke up this morning to the sound of the Sacramento River

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Noted: Shades of Grey: Thoughts on Sketching

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This article by Will Evans, Director, Experience Design for Semantic Foundry is quite insightful on the importance of sketching as part of the design process.

“In designing mostly interactive systems (spaces, processes, and artifacts for people to use), I must increasingly stretch the limits of communication tools to explore and document what it will be like to interact with the things I create. Artifacts used in communicating design create an inherent frame of experience between the subjective response of the person for whom I design, and my expectations of their response. There is a divergence of meaning in that the audience can only experience the communications artifact, not the object being communicated.” – Will Evans

Read the full article here:  Shades of Grey: Thoughts on Sketching | UX Magazine.

Noted: YouTube Adds A Video Editor

Posted in LinkedIn, News, Noted, Teaching, Technology by ayanaairakan on 2010/06/23

I’m always pleased when I “find out” about “new” tools that allow people to work without having to expend lots of money, and I did that today (23 June 2010) when I read an article in Television Broadcast (TVB), about YouTube adding a video editor (Google video editor post).

This is great news not only for YouTube’s many users, but also for many new media (multimedia) design students who attend a community college or state university and have limited resources to purchase tools. This editor is a great service that Google, who owns YouTube is providing many users.

Noted: the mehallo blog. beta. » My take: Graphic design history fu

Posted in Design Education, Design History, Noted by ayanaairakan on 2010/05/23

Steve Mehallo, who teaches at American River College shares his take on Graphic Design History. Nice presentation.


the mehallo blog. beta. » My take: Graphic design history fu.

Noted: swissmiss | CreativeMornings Video: Michael Bierut on Clients

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via swiss-miss.com

I became aware of this talk by Michael Bierut of Pentagram’s NYC office per a blog post by Max Kiesler via a reference to him by Emily Chang (his wife). Michael Bierut is truly a design icon of whom I have been a huge fan for over twenty years. His insights shared here are well noted.


Noted: the mehallo blog. beta. » Jeanne Ampersands

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the mehallo blog. beta. » Jeanne Ampersands

Sharing a post from one of my favorite designer’s blog-Steve Mehallo. Who would have thought that the ampersand could be so beautiful. Steve is a true artisan and creates some of the most incredible fonts around.

Noted: Why We Should Teach Design Early | Blog | design mind

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“Designers, through training and experience, develop a different lens through which to see the world. They move through spaces, environments, and systems, making observations and developing insights about what works well and what doesn’t. They then use those observations and insights to create innovative solutions for everyday problems. If design is the crossroads of beauty and purpose, design thinking is the intersection of creative and analytical thinking.

But when do we learn how to think like a designer?” – Rob Stokes

Read full article here: Why We Should Teach Design Early | Blog | design mind.

Nice article from Frog Design’s blog.

Noted: A discussion on the new logo for the Oakland Museum of CA @Brand New.

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What do you think?

Join the discussion at: http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/more_oak_less_cal.php

Also let me know what you think by adding a comment here as well.

Noted: The Value Of Intuition In Design Thinking

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Very nice perspective from Nathan Sinsabaugh at Kristian Andersen + Associates.

For full article, click the link just below:

The Role of Intuition in Design

Thanks to Diana Howard for making me aware of this article.

Noted: A Compelling Ad Campaign

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Let’s hope this doesn’t come to fruition. Very nice and compelling campaign.

Climate Rescue Weblog: World leaders apologise for climate failure in Copenhagen airport ads

From Greenpeace’s weblog. Click the link below to see the full campaign.

Climate Rescue Weblog: World leaders apologise for climate failure in Copenhagen airport ads

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