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Today’s Discussion Points in Porfolio

Posted in Student Work, Teaching by ayanaairakan on 2015/02/20


Multimedia Content and Form Class Today

Posted in Design, Design Education, Process, Student Work, Teaching by ayanaairakan on 2012/05/03

Student peer commenting on the final project.

I have begun to integrate a peer commenting exercise in my classes as a valuable tool to help students “get out of their boxes” and expand their perspectives by engaging each other around the projects and work. This exercise is received well and students truly become engaged and begin to develop more confidence in their work.

Word In Action Exercise by DAIsu2009 Students

Posted in Student Work by ayanaairakan on 2011/01/11

These are a few examples of some great work done by my Summer 2009 Design 1 students. The exercise was to typographically illustrate their assigned word using only black and white.

I am using this post as an illustration to my Social Media for Professionals class on how to link one’s blog to Flickr and  embed a slideshow from there.

Expressive Sentence Exercise Was A Great Success

Posted in Design, LinkedIn, Process, Student Work, Teaching by ayanaairakan on 2009/09/23

The MMSP 125 students assembled in teams of 2-4 and had to typographically design/illustrate their given sentence. Part of this exercise required the students to collaborate and reach a consensus on the design and design parameters. The concepts that evolved were quite good. The students shared that the collaborative process went smooth in some instances, and not so smooth in others. The other challenge was that the exercise had to be executed by hand. The students did not have to present a slick design, just a clear rendering of the concept.

Nice work all around.