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Learning to Design a Cherokee Syllabary with Mark Jamra

Posted in Commentary, Design, Design Events, Design History, Design Matters, Typography by ayanaairakan on 2015/08/03

I just caught this very interesting talk on TypeCulture’s Facebook page on designing an indigenous American syllabary via the Cherokee language whose written language is almost 200 years old. Fascinated as my mother’s maternal grandfather was Cherokee.

I love looking at writing systems outside of the Western cultures. For this talk, Mark Jamra references the book The Cherokee Syllabary: Writing the People’s Perseverance by Ellen Cushman.

Also check out Afrikan Alphabets, The Story of Writing in Afrika by Mwalimu Saki Mafundikwa.

Check out TypeCulture on Facebook here: https://goo.gl/fISww4

Image: Courtesy Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherokee_language

Video runtime: 59:42

Nice Talk by Khoi Vinh at TYPOSF 2012

Posted in Design, Design Events, Design Matters, Typography by ayanaairakan on 2012/04/07

My MM Content + Form students and I were lucky enough to catch the 5 April 2012 livestream of Khoi Vinh’s talk at TYPOSF 2012.

He shared some valuable insight into the business of design and where it stands today. Quite interesting. Below are some captured “slides: of his talk. (Please note, they’re in the order I  best remember.)

Thanking Fontshop for making this possible.

Wim Crouwel in conversation

Posted in Commentary, Design, LinkedIn, Process, Typography by ayanaairakan on 2011/05/04

“I’m a little afraid of design as art, of moving away from the client and creating your own content. Rarely people are good at both. Design and art are in the same neighbourhood, but they should not be in bed together. But, I am also curious about this border crossing.”

Sharing an interview with one of the most influential (in my opinion most certainly) designers and typographers. Enjoy.


The faces behind the fonts

Posted in Business, Design, Fonts, Typography by ayanaairakan on 2010/12/13

Nice article: great designers, good insight and inspiration. Where are the women and designers of color who, too are designing great fonts?

Read full article here: The faces behind the fonts: idsgn (a design blog).

Introducing Forza: A New Font from H&FJ

Posted in Design, Fonts, Typography by ayanaairakan on 2010/08/05

Noted: the mehallo blog. beta. » Jeanne Ampersands

Posted in Design, LinkedIn, Noted, Typography by ayanaairakan on 2010/02/18


the mehallo blog. beta. » Jeanne Ampersands

Sharing a post from one of my favorite designer’s blog-Steve Mehallo. Who would have thought that the ampersand could be so beautiful. Steve is a true artisan and creates some of the most incredible fonts around.

Industrial, architectural and found typographic studies

Posted in Experimental, Process, Typography by ayanaairakan on 2009/10/03

The studies were part of a typographic assignment from Steve Jones’ typography class at San Francisco State University I took as part of my Master’s curriculum.

Can you guess the letters?

Noted: Eggs and Sausage by Jackie Lay

Posted in Art, Design, Experimental, Noted, Typography, Video by ayanaairakan on 2009/09/26

Sharing a great find from the mehallo blog. Big thanks to Steve Mehallo

Eggs and Sausage by Jackie Lay

Good Article on Free Fonts from The Type Studio

Posted in Design, Typography by ayanaairakan on 2009/05/27

TypeTalk: Are free fonts worth the price? http://bit.ly/HhIIJ

Techniques for choosing free fonts.